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Tie The Knot

  Event Planning & Rentals


Turn your dream into a reality






We offer a collection of furnishings and accessories for gatherings of any size.



Tie the Knot Rents is truly the best rental company in the area! I highly recommend Tie the Knot Rentals.  If you want to enjoy your special day and have someone else take charge of the details, this company is for you.  The owner, Angie, is amazing.  She goes above and beyond to make sure your dream wedding is just as you imagined it. She surpassed our dreams. She is creative, talented and works hard to make your event unique. She has an eye for detail, right down to the little touches.  Her rental items are high quality and a lot to choose from.  She will personalize your event to meet your needs. For my daughter’s bridal shower, it seemed that Angie turned our backyard into an Italian Villa.  She did not leave out a detail.  There were arches, wine barrels, food tables, desert sideboard, gift table, curtains, pillows, flowers, vases, lanterns, Italian baskets filled with breads vegetables, signs, etc.  It was such a spectacular event.  For my daughter’s wedding we had the ceremony at Priest Lake on the beach and the reception at Hills Resort.  Angie turned the forest, walking trails and the beach into a dream entrance into the wedding ceremony.  It was like walking into the wedding of my daughter’s childhood dreams.  Angie and her team worked hard, down to the last details.  We had a gorgeous octagonal arch, wine barrels, dressers, horsd’oeuvre table, champagne wall, with beautifully decorated details.  The entrance to the wedding was stunning with decorated lanterns guiding people to the double doors entrance into our forested beach wedding.  As your entered there was a beautiful antique sideboard with a guest register, a blanket station in case they got cold, a unique champagne wall and beverage station.  There were signs, flowers, lanterns, vases throughout the ceremonial sight.  Angie designed a beautiful isle made of muslin and lined with rose peddles with logs on the side and a clear vase with baby’s breath on each log.  Her classy chairs for guests were flanked out on each side.  Angie herself helped run the wedding ceremony.  This took a lot of pressure off of me and the bridal party.  For the reception we walked along the decorated path to Hills Resort.  There Angie decorated each table with stunning eucalyptus leaves, flowers, vases, candles and more.  Each table was stunning.  Throughout the event there was intricate signs for food, cake table and drinks, flowers, vases, lanterns and more.  She did not miss out on a single detail.

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